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Dias Ex Machina

Controlling Chaos - Amethyst Book 2

Controlling Chaos - Amethyst Book 2

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Based on the popular role-playing game.

The second novel in the Amethyst Series.


Fantasy fiction assumes journeys are laced with adventure, with sidetracks filled with action and romance.  Those moments without excitement are few and ignored.  Heroes travel quickly across a narrow land, reaching a destination in mere pages. 

Legends are often exaggerated. 

This is the real world.

After the Battle of Angel, the gathered heroes (Aiden, Mahan, Mischa, and Raven) begin their search to retrieve the scattered eight Artifacts of Amethyst in hopes of saving the world of magic.  But with few clues to work with, they are forced to separate. 

Mahan and Mischa, forever squabbling, travel to an ancient temple to obtain the wisdom of a seer.  Along the way, they’ll gain a new ally and confront an old enemy.

Meanwhile, Aiden and Raven return to where it all started, searching for answers within the books of the library-cities of Limshau, and in the process are forced to address the nature of their relationship.

On the trail of both groups, the saint Tasia Crufix continues to question her place among her kind while attempting to uncover the truth behind their mission. 

The world of Amethyst expands in this second novel, revealing more of a future where the modern technology of man continues to fail against the rise of old magic and the forces that battle for control of the planet. (380 pages)

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