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Dias Ex Machina

House of Skye (A novel)

House of Skye (A novel)

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The Isle of Skye is a wondrous place, 

the kind of place to settle down in,

where one can build a home.

It can also be a refuge for the myths forgotten by the world.

William, a young mediocre painter, spends most of his time hawking cheap landscapes.  Away from the canvas, he lives a pedestrian and alienated life. 

When William paints a landscape inspired by a dream, he initially thinks little of it.  After discovering its real location in western Scotland, William takes it as an excuse for a vacation.

Upon finding the scene from his vision, William uncovers a hidden truth, a world populated by discarded legends and disregarded fables.  It is there William builds a sanctuary in a world obsessed with forsaking the unexplained. 

House of Skye is a love letter to Scotland, a story of the life of a man and his conviction to save a people the rest of the world contend never existed.  

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