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Naramata: A Game of Wine & Tourism (Board Game)

Naramata: A Game of Wine & Tourism (Board Game)

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Set within the titular region within Okanagan Wine Country, in Naramata, the players assume the roles of tour operators ferrying visitors to the various wineries nuzzled within the ten-minute drive along the “Bench.”

Players will attempt to satisfy as many customers as they can through a day of operations, all the while earning prestige (equating currency), which can be spent to upgrade operations or influence the wineries throughout a tour route. Tourists are gratified through tastings, photos of the beautiful vistas, along with cheese pairings and purchases.

Naramata is a medium-complexity board game involving ratchet movement, set collection, time tracks, and variable player powers similar to other popular titles employing these mechanics including Tokaido and Great Western Trail. Players will move across a game board representing an exaggerated depiction of the Naramata region, stopping at wineries to complete various actions to satisfy the tourists attached to their vehicle.

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